Greg Zejer

Founder & Executive Director

Greg has been working in corporate and consulting in IT since his early college days as a finance major. His certifications and experience gave him the ability to explain the complex IT language in a simple yet confident way.Besides handling his daily responsibilities, Greg likes to get his hands dirty and participate in projects along with our IT consultants.In his free time, Greg loves skiing and travel. Skiing up west and Europe are his favorite destinations.

Gus Dalinis

Founder & Chief Architect

Gus is a funding partner at Global Point. He has over 25 years working in the technology field. Gus has a proven track record delivering large scale projects to our corporate clients in various locations in US as well as Europe. His unique skills make him responsible for project rollouts and validating project feasibility.The general saying is that if Gus can’t make it work than the solution cannot be implemented or it is impractical.

Brian Klawitter

Junior Admin

Brian started working as a desktop support engineer. His passion for learning and playing with technology pushed him to get certified with Microsoft. He became a junior system administrator working alongside senior engineers to support our clients.
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